History of group buying and current trends

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Published: 10th May 2011
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Group buying have a familiar ring to it as it is one of the latest globally renowned developing concepts in the present times. It is a term for purchasing of discounted products in bulk by the communities. Collective purchasing sites are the price abated couponing services which leverages the inherent group buying power of a captive audience. Such influence can be achieved, on larger masses, through various online e-commerce channels which include World Wide Web, social media and networking sites, email broadcast, social buying, mobile technology, press releases and news shared reviews.

The very first online product purchase in bulk trend evolved in China as the "Tuangou" phenomenon which spread like wildfire across the sphere. Without further ado this concept of purchasing products and services by the public, was adopted by various international businesses to benefit local consumers. United States adopted a group purchasing portal of a similar kind mainly for the customers who reside across the country. This concept is acknowledged by international masses by the name of Groupon, having 400 subscribers till November 2008, showed a spark of success by acquiring more than 4 million people within just a few years, according to reports.

Group buying is credited with crafting the blend of online technology with commerce to bring the best services to the people in the most cheap and hassle-free way. Group-buying websites across the globe are the latest craze among price-obsessed consumers. As the escalating internet shopping vogue came to Asia, both India and Pakistan extended their businesses to catch the latest online marketing buzz. The Indian "SnapDeal" proved a success by raising over 12 million dollarís investment and is still growing by leaps and bound.

Groupin Pakistan, or a new Groupon Pakistan, is the first of its kind in the country, which aims to sweep away all the traditional shopping trends with its giant offers and discounts, offering people to "Come enjoy together"; while helping to increase the buying power of the Pakistani consumers.

Groupin Pakistan is rendered as the upcoming giant in the local markets which will bring new trends and innovations in technological usage across the country. This wonderful group discount portal is expanding nationwide and is facilitating bulk purchases based on daily deals offered for local communities within the country. Through this online web portals, akin of Groupon in Pakistan, consumers get cut-rate deals from the top brands and local vendors on daily purchase items and services, all laying just a click away.

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